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Table 1 Study sites

From: After you: conversations between patients and healthcare professionals in planning for end of life care

Site Type Area of practice
1 GP practice service using Gold Standards Framework (primarily cancer-focused) The practice covers an urban area as well as the surrounding more sparsely populated rural areas. A team of district nurses is attached to the practice.
2 Heart failure community matron service (home based nursing service for people with heart failure living in the community) This service covers a predominantly rural area. Approximately 40% of patients referred to the service die within a year of referral.
3 Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Service (primarily cancer- focused) This team support the major acute hospital in one of the network trusts.
4 Non-GSF Nursing Care home (providing general palliative care) This was a residential nursing care home (30 beds) in a rural area. At the time of our study, the care home had not adopted the GSFCH (Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes) but was using the Liverpool Care Pathway.
5 Hospital Heart Failure Clinic This hospital based team provides information and support. Most referrals came from hospital cardiologists/nurses.