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Table 2 Questions about the unbearable suffering

From: Unbearability of suffering at the end of life: the development of a new measuring device, the SOS-V

  For every aspect of the SOS-V the following two questions were asked:
1 Do you feel .......(aspect)? Is there ....... (aspect)?
If the answer on question 1 indicated that the aspect was present (= all answers other than 'not at all') question 2 was posed:
2 How unbearable was this?
If the answer on question 2 was 'seriously' or 'very seriously' more information on this was asked in an open-ended question.
  Scale for question 1 and 2:
     not at all - slightly - moderately - seriously - very seriously (could hardly be worse)
     1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5