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Table 5 Access barriers

From: Barriers and needs in paediatric palliative home care in Germany: a qualitative interview study with professional experts

Identification of palliative care need Prognostic insecurity, as well as scarce knowledge about the indication of palliative care in children and adolescence
Level of awareness of different services Lack of information on hospice and palliative care services and their potential benefits
Time of access Reflection about the right time of involvement of palliative care in the disease trajectory
Access path Reflection about the suitable way of access given the heterogeneous conditions and respective responsibilities within the health care system
Reluctance on part of the parents Association of palliative care with "giving up" their child; concerns about the right balance between own commitment for their child and involvement of other carers
Special access requirements Specific conditions for the access to services, i.e. transition to adulthood, urban vs. rural areas, migration background, malignant vs. non-malignant diseases