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Table 3 Multivariate odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) for the association between positive attitudes toward continual collaboration with PCTs and independent variables

From: Collaboration between physicians and a hospital-based palliative care team in a general acute-care hospital in Japan

Independent variables OR (95% CI)
Sex (male) 2.58 (0.57--18.6)
Physician experience (years) 0.99 (0.93--1.06)
Knowledge about WHO analgesic ladder (Yes) 6.75 (1.98--25.8)
Interest in palliative care (scores)a 1.68 (1.15--2.50)
  1. a Answers ranged from "none" (1 point) to "definite" (7 points) with respect to interest in palliative care.