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Table 1 EPEC®-Pediatrics modules

From: Protocol: Evaluating the impact of a nation-wide train-the-trainer educational initiative to enhance the quality of palliative care for children with cancer

  Title Mode of deliverya
1 Pediatric Palliative Care: Why Does it Matter Online
2 Child Development Online
3 Family Centered Care Online
4 Grief and Bereavement Online
5 Self-Care for Professionals Face-to-Face
6 Team Collaboration and Effectiveness Face-to-Face
7 Communication and Planning Face-to-Face
8 Ethical and Legal Considerations Online
9 Teaching with EPEC®-Pediatrics in the Face-to-Face Setting Face-to-Face
10 Multimodal Analgesia Online
11 Opioid Selection and Rotation Online
12 Management of Neuropathic Pain and Adjuvant Analgesia Online
13 Procedural Pain Management Strategies Online
14 Chronic Complex Pain Management Online
15 Management of Gastrointestinal Symptoms Online
16 Management of Respiratory Symptoms Online
17 Management of Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms Online
18 Management of Neurologic Symptom Online
19 Palliative Sedation Online
20 Preparing for Imminent Death Online
21 Integrative Medicine Online
22 Introducing Quality Improvement to PPC Online
23 Teaching Pain and Symptom Management Face-to-Face
24 Methadone Online
  1. aOnline for education of EPEC-Pediatric Trainers; all modules will be taught face-to-face to the End-User