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Table 3 Before and after performance on selected indicators

From: Strengthening pharmaceutical systems for palliative care services in resource limited settings: piloting a mHealth application across a rural and urban setting in Uganda

  Urban hospice Rural hospital
Time Efficiency
Time spent retrieving record   
Baseline 30 min 45 min
6 months’ post-implementation 5 min 5 min
Time spent on ordering stock   
Baseline 7 days 10 days
6 months’ post-implementation 30 min 1 h
Time spent on preparing pharmacy reports   
Baseline 14 days 5 days
6 months’ post-implementation 1 day 2 days
Medicine stock and waste management
  Urban hospice Rural hospital
Frequency of stock outs of opioids   
Baseline 3 per quarter 2 per quarter
Post-implementation 1 per quarter 1 per quarter
Percentage of whole stock value that expired per quarter   
Baseline 3 % 58 %
Post-implementation 0.5 % 0 %