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Table 4 Themes and subthemes

From: A qualitative evaluation of the impact of a palliative care course on preregistration nursing students’ practice in Cameroon

Themes Subthemes
Students’ reports of how they implemented their learning in practice 1. Encountering patients and diagnosing the need for palliative care
2. Communicating with patients, their families and the wider care team
3. Assisting with physical care needs
4. Providing psychosocial and spiritual care
5. Reflecting
6. Avoiding difficult interactions.
Facilitators of palliative care learning transfer to practice 1. The palliative care nurse
2. Supportive nurses and family caregivers
Barriers to the transfer of palliative care learning to practice 1. Being a student
2. Qualified nurses
3. The practice setting
4. Patients and family caregivers