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Table 4 Comparison of hospital utilization and costs: before and after pediatric palliative care, PedsCare clients only

From: Community-based pediatric palliative care for health related quality of life, hospital utilization and costs lessons learned from a pilot study

Community PedsCare pediatric client Before pediatric palliative care After pediatric palliative care P-value*
N = 40 N = 40
Cost and utilization findings Mean Standard error Mean Standard error  
Length of Stay (Days/Quarter) 2.92 .94 1.22 .39 0.03
Total Diagnostic Charges/Quarter $2,125.30 918.44 $1,078.28 430.11 0.13
Total Charges/Quarter $7,866.59 2,347.31 $6,663.52 2,785.22 0.34
  1. *Paired One tailed T-test -Before and After Community PedsCare
  2. Data Source: Baptist Health System: Baptist Medical Center Downtown
  3. Prepared by Duval County Health Department, Institute for Health, Policy, and Evaluation Research