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Table 5 Four categories of quality-of-life enhancing activities identified by care providers

From: Keep in touch (KIT): perspectives on introducing internet-based communication and information technologies in palliative care

Examples of communication or maintaining-connection activities included:
 • Allowing patients to keep in touch with family and friends from out of town or who cannot come to the hospital to visit
 • “… able to stay connected to family and friends via email/Facebook/Skype. This may be very important in a situation where mobility is an issue or/and when family/friends cannot visit frequently”
 • Able to talk and see loved ones on the computer; “give them a warmer feeling than talking on the phone”
 • Viewing photos of family/grandkids, weddings
Examples of potential information-seeking activities included:
 • Looking up information related to “the disease process or medication”, health topics
 • Canadian Virtual Hospice
 • Keeping informed on “what’s going on in the world”, weather, current events
Examples of potential use of technology to conduct personal business included:
 • Making travel arrangements
 • Maintaining work relationships
 • Online banking
 • Paying bills
Examples of potential entertainment-related activities included:
 • Watching movies, listening to music, playing games, watching YouTube
 • Reading books, poetry
 • Surfing the internet
 • Video streams or daily blogs