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Table 2 Eligibility criteria for nursing home residents with advanced dementia, relatives and primary nurses

From: The last phase of life with dementia in Swiss nursing homes: the study protocol of the longitudinal and prospective ZULIDAD study

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
RAD - At least one complete RAI-MDS assessment in database
- Dementia diagnosis (RAI item I1q (Alzheimer’s Dementia) or I1u (other dementia)
- CPS of 5 or 6
- Informed consents by the authorized representatives, following the presumed will of the resident
- Sub-acute or short-term rehabilitative unit
- Cognitive impairment due to a major stroke, traumatic brain injury, tumor, or chronic psychiatric condition
- Cognitive impairment due to coma
REL - Informed consent
- Proficiency in German
PN - Informed consent
- Proficiency in German
  1. Note. CPS cognitive performance score, it is composed of five variables from the RAI-MDS [15], scores range from 0-6. Scores of 4-6 identify residents who are severely impaired in their daily decision-making. A CPS score of 5 is comparable to a Mini Mental State Examination score of 5 [37]
  2. Abbreviations: RAD resident with advanced dementia, RAI-MDS resident assessment instrument – minimum data set, REL relative, PN primary nurse