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Table 1 Carer assessment scores at baseline

From: Evaluation of a pilot of nurse practitioner led, GP supported rural palliative care provision

Carer Support Needs Assessment tool
(Six carers, 14 potential need questions per carer; total needs considered = 84)
 Potential needs with no extra help required = 60 (71%)
 Potential needs with some extra help required = 22 (26%)
 Potential needs with quite a bit more assistance required = 2 (2%)a
 (One person each expressed the need for “quite a bit more assistance in “Knowing more about the patient’s illness”; and “Knowing what to expect in the future.”).
Family Satisfaction with advanced cancer care- FAMCARE-2.
 Median total score 32.5, range 27–46 (Higher score, more satisfaction)
 Median question score 1.9, range 1.8–7.4
Overall quality of life
 Mean 4.8, SD 0.8. (Range 0–7, Higher is better)
Overall satisfaction with the care of the patient (Single item. Range: very dissatisfied to very satisfied)
5 responded satisfied or very satisfied.
HADS Depression Scale (Range 0–21)b
Median 6.5, range 1–9
HADS Anxiety scale (Range 0–21)b
Median 8.0, range 2–15
  1. aNot 100 % due to rounding. b Range 0–7. low depression/anxiety; 8–10- borderline; ≥ 11- clinically significant