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Table 2 Topic and content of each training session

From: Mindfulness and compassion-oriented practices at work reduce distress and enhance self-care of palliative care teams: a mixed-method evaluation of an “on the job“ program

Week Topic Summary of contentsa
1 Introduction Exploring the expectations and needs of the participants; setting of two individual goals for the intervention (GAS scale); introducing mindfulness and compassion-oriented meditations.
2 Developing a mindful presence at work Learning how to stop: observing the breath, mindful breaks; finding individual practice anchors in daily routine (e.g. mindful stop before entering a patient’s room or before answering the phone, etc.); sitting meditation; walking meditation.
3 Finding the inner source(s) of compassion Body awareness; preparation for the Metta Meditation: visualizing the inner source of compassion.
4 Compassion-oriented Meditation in action Metta Meditation; how to apply compassion-oriented meditations at work/ during patient contact; Metta-sentences.
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Mindful presence in difficult situations How to apply Tong-len Meditation when confronted with suffering and difficult emotions.
  1. anote that some contents, were repeatedly taught in more than 1 week