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Table 3 JPND Palliative and End-Of-Life Care Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases Suggested Priorities

From: Better palliative care for people with a dementia: summary of interdisciplinary workshop highlighting current gaps and recommendations for future research

The following areas are suggested priorities in two related domains:
Improvement of Quality
 1. Support for transnational networking, aiming for multi-professional engagement in palliative care research across EU
 2. Co-ordination of best practices across EU member states
  2.1.Working groups looking at developing evidence
   a. Advance Care Planning
   b. Cognitive impairment and challenges
   c. Effectiveness of education
   d. Primary care involvement in planning for palliative care
   e. Engagement with voluntary groups
Research Funding
 3. Collaborative research, especially enhancing and using existing population and disease based longitudinal cohort studies
  3.1 . Looking at triggers / transitions leading to changes in care
 4. Support of research into identification of best practices for needs assessment
  4.1 . Multi-method
  4.2 . Interdisciplinary