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Table 2 Participants’ perceptions of why the ALDS clinic is helpful

From: Integrated respiratory and palliative care leads to high levels of satisfaction: a survey of patients and carers

Theme 1: Explanations and advice related to symptoms and the condition
“…(the respiratory specialist) and …(the respiratory nurse) explain everything for you, so you’re not left in the dark. They take the time to let you know what’s going on.”
“The assessment and review of my current condition is most helpful to me in monitoring the condition. Together with the explanation of what is happening and why it is happening assists me to gain some control over the condition.”
“When I’m worried about something, if I have a chat with …(the respiratory specialist) and …(the respiratory nurse), it settles me. It really helps to talk about everything.”
Theme 2: Optimal management and monitoring of the condition
“They take me through everything, and get all my tests.”
“You feel that it’s all been checked, and you feel confident in yourself. There is nothing to worry about because you feel safe in their hands.”
“It’s great to have access to a service that gives me confidence that I am receiving the best available and up to date assistance for my condition, in a very friendly manner.”.
Theme 3: Kind and caring ALDS team
“They are very attentive and go out of their way to look after me. It feels very personal and I’m treated with respect. It shows they really care and that I’m not just a number. I’m very happy with the service I am receiving. I couldn’t ask for any better.”
“I look forward to it and listen to what they’re saying. They take the time and let you know what’s going on”.
“I am treated very well. The kindness is appreciated”
  1. Examples of some of the illustrative quotes provided by participants are included