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Table 2 Example of the analysis process

From: Enabling activity in palliative care: focus groups among occupational therapists

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Code Subcategory Category
And all the trips that are made too, I know when I was out there and we ... I, I still have an image in my head, we were out, now I can’t remember how, but it was in the final stages for those gentlemen that we took out to [place name], and they are sitting on a jetty with fishing rods with no hooks on but and smoking ci- ci- cigars, both those two gentlemen, it was kind of this quality of life. Going on requested excursions at the end of life to have quality of life Excursions that provide quality of life Activity that provides quality of life Activities based on the client’s wishes and possibilities
But of course you notice this, we’ve got this personal, personal integrity, yes, that we talk about and you notice this of course, that they really want to manage this, especially going to the toilet by themselves, and they would like to manage all the personal things ... uh, if I’m to go and make an ADL assessment and that sort of thing, then I can, but of course I feel that it can feel awkward because they think they can feel ashamed that they can’t manage that particular thing themselves and that they want to manage all that, eating and drinking themselves, and going to the toilet and dressing themselves and taking care of their personal hygiene. Dignity means that the person wants to manage personal tasks independently Personal activities to maintain dignity Activity to maintain dignity