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Table 1 Reported pain in decedents with a RAI-HCa assessment in the last 30 days of life

From: Severe pain at the end of life: a population-level observational study

Pain Frequency
 No pain618130.28
 Less than daily20369.97
 Daily-one period12626.18
 Daily-multiple periods (e.g. morning and evening)10,93653.57
Pain Intensity
 No pain618830.31
 Severe or excruciating277613.6
 Times when pain is horrible8214.02
Pain disrupts usual activities
Pain - Adequate Medication
 Yes/No pain15,07273.83
 Medications do not adequately control pain340716.69
 Pain present, medication not taken19369.48
Pain Scale
 No pain618430.29
 Less than daily pain20369.97
 Daily pain but not severe868042.52
 Severe daily pain351517.22
  1. aResident Assessment Instrument–Home Care