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Table 1 Feasible combinations of constructing stability strategies

From: Constructing stability - a classic grounded theory of next-of-kin in palliative cancer care

 ShieldingAcknowledging the realityGoing all inHanging in thereStanding up forPutting up boundariesKeeping roles intactSaving ones strengthAsking fo helpPlanning fot the inescapable
Shielding ++
Acknowledging the reality ++++−+−++
Going all in+ +++
Hanging in there++ +++
Standing up for+++ +−+−+−+−+
Putting up boundaries++−+− ++++
Keeping roles intact+−+−+ +++
Saving ones strength++−+−++ ++
Asking fo help+++−+++ +−
Planning fot the inescapable++++++++− 
  1. + = strategies can be combined, − = strategies cannot be combined, +/− = strategies can or cannot be combined depending on circumstances