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Table 3 Values clarification exercise

From: Development and usability testing of Understanding Stroke, a tailored life-sustaining treatment decision support tool for stroke surrogate decision makers

Select the most important items (up to 5)
“My loved one might consider stopping treatment to extend life (and choose comfort measures only) if, for a few months or more, they …”
Were not able to talk, but could still engage in non-verbal communication
Had difficulty thinking of words or understanding others
Were not able to breathe without the help of a machine
Were not able to participate in important hobbies, social, or religious activities
Had difficulty thinking clearly or making decisions (e.g. needed help managing finances)
Needed help from another person to eat, bathe, or take care of basic bathroom needs
Were not able to live on their own or take care of themselves
Needed a walker or wheelchair to move around
Had to stay in bed constantly
Needed a feeding tube to get nutrition
Had a lot of discomfort or pain
Had to stay in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility
Could not move one side of their body