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Table 4 Surrogate medical decision-making models in Middle Eastern women

From: Factors underlying surrogate medical decision-making in middle eastern and east Asian women: a Q-methodology study

Norm-perception (N-perspective) models
Model A: Surrogate’s burden-independent
Model B: Surrogate-independent
Model C: Emotion, patient’s life-long narrative, and family needs-independent
Model D: Patient’s endorsed-life narrative and Golden Rule-independent
Model E: Patient’s preference-dependent
Model F: Society’s interests-independent
Patient’s perspective (P-perspective) models
Model A: Emotion and patient’s life-long narrative-independent
Model B: Cost and society’s interests-independent
Model C: Emotion-dependent and society’s interests-independent
Model D: Religious/spiritual beliefs-independent and family needs-dependent
Model E: Emotion-independent and family needs-dependent
Model F: Patient’s preference-dependent
Surrogate’s perspective (S-perspective) models
Model A: Patient’s preference-dependent
Model B: Emotion and religious/spiritual beliefs-dependent
Model C: Society’s interests and religious/spiritual beliefs-independent
Model D: Patient’s life-long narrative-independent
Model E: Medical facts-dependent and religious/spiritual beliefs-independent
Model F: Society’s interests-independent
  1. Models interpretation details are presented in Additional file 5 Q-methodology technical report