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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Nothing to lose: a grounded theory study of patients’ and healthcare professionals’ perspectives of being involved in the consent process for oncology trials with non-curative intent

Participant Gender Cancer Diagnosis Trial Phase Accept trial? Time from initial interview to death
P01 F Breast I Yes 10 weeks
P02 M Oesophagus III Yes 16 months
P03 F Pancreatic III No 7 weeks
P04 M Prostate III Yes Alive
P05 F Breast I Yes 3 months
P06 M Prostate III Yes 29 months
P07 M Prostate III No 3 months
P08 M Prostate III Yes Alive
P09 M Colorectal II Yes 16 months
P10 M Pancreatic III Yes 17 months
P11 M Pancreatic III Yes 11 months
P12 F Myeloma III Yes Alive
P13 M Pancreatic III No 6 months
P14 M Colorectal II Yes 5 months
P15 F Breast I Yes 9 months
P16 M Liver III Yes 14 months
  1. Table legend: P = patient