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Table 2 Reliability test (Cronbach’s α) of the modified sense of security QPP scale in palliative home care

From: A sense of security in palliative homecare in a Norwegian municipality; dyadic comparisons of the perceptions of patients and relatives - a quantitative study

Perceived realitySubjective importancePerceived realitySubjective importance
Modified QPP
  Medical-technical competence (MT) (7 items)0.860.740.820.70
  Physical-technical competence (PT) (1 item)
  Identity-oriented approach (ID) (18 items)0.820.700.910.92
 Context-specific scales
   Competence (4 items)0.640.740.890.91
   Continuity (4 items)0.730.740.790.84
   Coordination/collaboration (4 items)0.620.870.910.82
   Availability (6 items)0.750.570.840.89