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Table 1 Characteristics of participating hospitals

From: Attitudes and educational needs of emergency doctors providing palliative and end-of-life care in Hong Kong: a cross-sectional analysis based on a self-report study

Hospital Type of healthcare delivered EOL service available in ED Number of respondents vs total staff ED attendance per year (2018–2019) Number of EMW beds
North Lantau Hospital Secondary Yes 28/33 93,057 60
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Tertiary Yes 34/44 185,515 80
Princess Margaret Hospital Tertiary No 23/34 123,698 34
Tuen Mun Hospital Tertiary No 30/41 173,467 30
Pok Oi Hospital Secondary No 16/21 110,093 40
Tin Shui Wai Hospital Secondary No 16/22 109,642 32
  1. Remarks:
  2. ED Emergency Department, EOL End of Life, EMW Emergency Medicine Ward