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Table 1 Interview topic guide

From: Health professionals’ perceptions of palliative care for end-stage cardiac and respiratory conditions: a qualitative interview study

Interview topic Areas covered
Participant experiences of referral of patients with advanced non cancer disease to palliative care Deciding who to refer
Judging time of referral
Raising the topic of referral
Approaching the topic of palliative care
Discussing prognosis with patient
Patient awareness of prognosis and palliative care
Participant experiences of barriers to palliative care referral Difficulties in deciding when to refer to palliative care
Other factors negatively influencing this
Reasons for later referral for non cancer diseases
Participant experiences of facilitators to palliative care referral/involvement Benefits from palliative care referrals
Opinions on referring earlier
Current timing of referrals
Improving timing of referral to palliative care